I'm Walkin

This post is dedicated to the memory of my dad who would have been 79 years old today.
At the beginning of 2012, my post was  entitled, “Control Your Core, Or It Will Kill You”. The major theme was to encourage you to get moving . In other words-EXERCISE! Well, I told you in the post what I was doing. Now I would like to share an update.  After the passing of both parents within a little more than a year apart, I had the distinct pleasure of acquiring their dog. He is a nine pound silky terrier (Silky). Silky is not his real name but that is how I will refer to him in this post. He was predominately raised around people, and loves being the center of attention. Throughout most of my life I have grown up with dogs-Pekingese, Poodles, Pomeranians, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies,  just to name a few. So, I guess you can say I am a “dog lover”. However, the loss of my last dog was traumatic enough to vow never to get attached to another dog.  There is a saying, “Never say never”. Sometimes the things we don’t want in life, turn out to be the best things for us! Remember how your parents use to make you eat vegetables when you were little? As it turns out, vegetables are the best foods for us to eat! As for Silky, he has been a source of comfort to the family, especially during our time of bereavement. While at the same time, being a wonderful bundle of  joy!
Now that I have become attached to Silky, the two of us have started walking in our neighborhood twice a day, morning and evening. We walk around the block for about 25 minutes that is, if my dog decides to take his time. But we can do it in about 20 minutes walking briskly. That is about 40-50 minutes per day. You are probably thinking “that is real easy”. Well, the street has an incline similar to walking up a hill. I have watched  people take breaks because they are literally out of breath walking up that incline. At first, it was a challenge for me and Silky but for three months, at least five days per week we did it. I can not tell if I have lost weight but I certainly feel better and I sleep well at night. When I don’t feel like walking, guess who makes me? Right-My dog. Silky is conditioned and he looks forward to his daily walk. By the way, walking can help prevent dreadful illnesses such as: cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Check this out:  
I found another wonderful article written by Jane Warren. She shares 5 Surprising Ways Dogs Improve Human Health and she expounds on walking and a few other things. At the end of the article, there is an inspirational message and a video by the group Mary, Mary.  
5 Surprising Ways Dogs 
Improve Human Health
We all know that a dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but numerous scientific studies have also proven that dogs can improve human health. There’s no surprise here. Humans and dogs have been working together for thousands of years, and some scientists even believe the two species have evolved to live with one another. While having a pet will not improve your health if you never wanted a pet in the first place, animal lovers can reap numerous benefits from living with animals.
Dogs Encourage More Exercise
Most of us know the benefits of exercise, but it can be a struggle to find the incentive to get up and get moving every day. A dog provides strong motivation, and can make your daily walk or run less lonely and more fun. Moreover, you’ll burn extra calories when helping your dog walk on a leash and doing brief training exercises with your dog. For some people, going for walks alone is scary, but the additional security of a canine exercise buddy can make runs and walks feel more secure. I know that with Ranger, I have to walk him every day, and he’s always ready each morning, so morning time it is! Sometimes we even squeeze in an afternoon or early evening walk, which is better for my health. See the information in this study on pets and our health done by the National Institute of Health.
Dogs Help With Stress Relief
There’s no doubt that dog ownership does come with some stresses, from making sure you’ve applied their monthly frontline for fleas to worrying if your dog will get along with the other dogs at the dog park. But the benefits of pet ownership more than outweigh these minor stresses. Research shows that a few minutes spent petting an animal lowers blood levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol contributes to fatigue, weight gain and aging, and your pet can help counteract its negative effects. A few minutes playing with your dog every day also releases endorphins, powerful “feel-good” hormones that continue to function in the bloodstream long after the playtime ends.
Dogs Give A Sense of Safety
Many people living alone worry about intruders and burglars, and a dog can help give owners a sense of security. Burglars are less likely to break into a house with a barking dog, and your dog can help you feel less lonely whether you’re just spending the night by yourself or living alone long-term. If your dog is older and struggles to move around, you can still rest easy knowing that your dog will get to an intruder before you do. If the dog needs access to higher surfaces, you can invest in a pet studio dog ramp to make it easier for your dog to be visible and see outside.
Dogs Generate Social Interaction With  Others
People who have regular positive interactions with others tend to live longer and be happier, and pets provide you with a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with other people. Even if you’re shy, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with another person if you’re both talking about your animals. Trips to the vet,  the dog park, and meet up with other pet owners also provide pet owners with easy and substantive opportunities for interactions. If you’re still anxious about meeting new people, consider joining a message board or online  group for people with similar pets to yours. You’ll quickly find yourself making new friends in addition to learning a lot about your best friend–your pet!
Dogs Help With Better Mental Health
In a fast-paced, high-stress world, mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. But pet owners have fewer mental illnesses, and animals are even used as therapy for people suffering from mental illness. If you struggle with depression, an animal can help you avoid dwelling on your problems. The exercise and stress release you get from spending time with your pet may even reverse the effects of depression. Dog owners are also substantially less stressed than people who don’t own dogs, and reduced stress is strongly correlated with lower blood pressure, a longer life span, greater happiness, and improved health. So, if you don’t own a pet, and want to make some positive changes in your life, go to a local animal shelter or humane society, and find your next best friend today. You’ll both enjoy a healthier lifestyle!   
       I agree with Jane. You will enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  I always try to provide something inspirational from my favorite book-The Bible. The following web link  talks about how dogs are considered to be God's Messengers in the Bible  There are actually 40 verses  in the Bible that pertain to dogs. Some are giving warnings about how people should live. For other people, a dog is the last thing that they will see before their life ends.  
Philippians 3:2 
“Watch out for those dogs, those men who do evil, those mutilators of the flesh”. Life is full of two-legged dogs who want to destroy your reputation, your self-esteem, your joy, your courage or just YOU. Here lately, I have dealt with quite a few of  those kinds of dogs. But God wants us to be self-controlled and alert because it is not the person that harms you. It is the spirit within them.  

I Peter 5:8 states, “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”. The bottom line is that everything is going to work out in the end. Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” My dad loved quoting Romans 8:28. It was his favorite!  It is comforting to know that God has given us dogs to comfort, bring us joy, warn, and protect us just as He does through His Word.

What are your thoughts about this post?


Anonymous said…
Dr. D Dr. D this post was the most powerful inspirational post yet. Even though I do not have a dog, I feel like I need to go get me one. I love how you attach the bible to a dog and how we do have to watch out for those conniving two legged no good person. However, God is always there when no one is there and He is always on time.

Keep encouraging us with your daily journeys in life and ALWAYS remember that God will see you through.
Dr. D said…
Thank you so much. God willing I will do just that!
Dr D
Emmanuel Ruvalcaba
the post was a very powerful post in the sense that such a small thing like walking can make such a huge difference. it's great how it then relates to an animal like the dog. i agree with the fact that if you have a dog you would be more active and also by how it can work therapeutically by just petting the dog and helping one with life.
YeseniaRamirez said…
Yesenia Ramirez

I truly enjoyed reading your post, specially the bible sections Peter 5:8 in spanish we say "No ay mal que por bien no benga" - theres not bad without good.
Anonymous said…
Daniel Gonzalez,
I can relate to this post because I had a dog that was very close to me named Duquesa,when i was having a bad day at work or school I would look forward on going home because i knew she was going to be there. I thank God that she lived a total of 16 years. She got me threw elementary, middle school and high school
I really liked how you linked the bible with your post and i really like the quote by Romans 8:28
Anonymous said…
Adam M.
I agree that dog ownership has many benefits, one being exercise. I used to have a husky. I would take walks with her in the morning and run with her at night after work. I found that the morning walks would jump start my day by getting outside, raising my heartrate and being really alert prior to starting work. At night it was good to run with her and let go of the stress that comes with a job. I knew that I had to make sure she was getting her needs met daily as well as a healthy lifestyle.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with this article. I am a dog lover myself and i can personally saythat i have gained a lot form my relationships with all dogs i have had. I currently have a 10 month old Shar Pei and I adore him. The only reason i ever really get any exercise id because he wants to go out on walks and play. I also tend to be verystressed when i come home from school or work and as soon as I get home, he is there ready to greet me. I also have mild insomnia and i tend to not get enough sleep, but when he sleeps in my room i tend to knock out and get a good night rest. I had no idea that the bible even contained passages about the relationship betwen dog and man so i found that very refreshing. Ever since i got my dog, i noticed my grandmothers health has improved. she is in a much better mood and she ever takes him out on walks which she says she enjoys because she finally has someone to walk with. Overall i believe dogs do provide a happier and healthier life.
-Alexis Manzo
Anonymous said…
I agree with this article.I am a dog lover as well and I once had a dog, that I had to get rid of because he was going to be a problem in the arrival of my twin little brothers. My dogs' name was "Bruno" he was a pit-bull, yeah he sounds scary, but to me he was the best dog I’ve ever had. He was very noble and saved us the family from many things. The only down side from him was that he loved to dig holes in the back yard, he was just full of energy all the time, although I would walk him every day that wasn’t enough for him. My mother just didn’t want Bruno to react from the twins arrival to the family since he was the baby from the house he would of probably react in a bad way, so we had to put him to sleep. I still remember the day we took him; I cried so much seeing him and started noticing that he was very scared. Walking Bruno motivated my mother to come along since she needs to walk from her high blood pressure. Sometimes I wasn’t able to walk him and my mother would take him for a walk. Our dog brought happiness to the family and a healthy way of life style in having a reason why to go out and take a walk every day.
-Ninibeth Silva
Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree with this post. My childhood was a pretty rough one, but I couldn’t imagine getting through it all if it weren’t for my Chow/Lab mix, Shadow. Some days I would just sit in the backyard with him and even talk to him about my day. He was my confidant. As strange as it seemed, it was as if he knew whenever I was feeling down. He would find some way to cheer me up. For example, he would tuck his head under my arm and rest it on my lap. Or he would run and give me his tennis ball. It’s true what they say about dogs being man’s best friend. He loved us all unconditionally, even when he knew he was in trouble for digging holes. I miss Shadow very much and I am thankful that he was there for me when things got tough.

--Danielle Baeza
Anonymous said…
I absolutely admit with this article. Pet owners are usually enjoy many benefits from the pet: having a good friend and relationship,physical enhancement, communication skills and so on. especialy, for those who have kids, pets not only a friend or a moving toy of your kids but it also help them build thier behaviors and personality in a positive direction when they grow up.

Anonymous said…
This is very nice I do not own any pets but my little sister has and I remember I would take her dog out to walk and it was fun. The dog already knew what time I came home so right when he heard me he would come to the gate and start jumping on me. But that walking did not last for long cause then we had to give him away because we had to move and the new place did not want any pets. But after reading this it does show that having pets does make you happy and healther I used to think it was a lie.

Benjamin James said…
This seems true of most pets, though with your referencing man dogs is the more fitting term.

Being a Cat person, I've always felt my life was improved having my furry feline companions.
Perez said…
I don't own a dog at the moment but I definately enjoyed this post. I loved how you included biblical scriptures and powerful sayings that really get you thinking. I am now considering getting my daughters a little puppy once they're able to interact with animals to teach them responsibility and a way to keep active.I will also consider new ways to keep healthy myself; living a healthier lifestyle will allow me to watch my daughters grow.
Thank you, much needed.
Yasmin P.
Anonymous said…
Zafiro G.

I agree with you on this completely. Myself being a dog person, I believe owning a dog has a lot of benefits. I own a poodle myself and I feel very secure sleeping at night because even when cars he does not recognize pull into the drive way, he starts barking so loud and does not stop until I let him know it is alright. I also do not have time to exercise a lot with work and school, and I thought about walking in early afternoon but feel uneasy walking by myself. My dog, named Dodger, is a very good walking partner he makes me sprint so I get more of a work out! Not to mention he shows me so much love and affection. He greets me running up to me when I get home and he lays down next to the door when I am not their. He is so loyal. I understand you did not want to get attached to a dog again after your loss of your previous dog, but it is good that you took a chance on him. You never know how great something can turn out to be! I can relate to that as well when I lost my first puppy when I was younger. I really did enjoy reading this post, since it gives me a better perspective on your life and thank you for sharing your experiences!
Anonymous said…
Lucely P.

This was a very inspirational blog post. There is a lot of good things of owning a dog. For a reason they say a dog is a mans best friend as well as a woman's. You can benefit from helping you exercise, from making you feel secure, protecting you. I myself have a dog, a cocker spaniel mix, names Max he's almost 3 years. Just last year I fell in a depression and just as silly as this may sound being around my dog brought to me a special vibe, I felt at peace when I was with him. I talked to him about what I was going through and that made me feel better, as if my dog understood me, and I believe so because dogs are really smart. He's very protective when strangers come close and when he hears noises he's very alarmed and barks to get our attention until he sees us then he calms down knowing we are ok. He's a very important part of our family. I relate to you on getting attached to a dog and your dog passing and not wanting to get attached to another dog, for the reason that it can happen again and for the reason of feeling like your replacing a dog you just lost, I understand its not a good feeling. I also lost a puppy before Max, I had a puppy named Toby he was a cocker spaniel and he was 7 months and had to put him to sleep because he was born with an illness. It was the hardest thing we've ever had to do.
Anonymous said…
I dont own a dog, but after reading this I wish I did. God knows I need all the motivation I can get to get up and exercise after a long day and after reading this.. I NEED a dog :)
-Samantha V.
Anonymous said…
This blog was a very beautiful one and which i can relate to completely. My pit bull is now 4 years and he has giving me some of the best memories i have. NO matter what i go through my dog will always be there and will be my best friend no matter the negative attention pit bulls get. He definitely protects my house as people are always scared, and i always interact with people whenever i walk him. Thanks for sharing.

Gerardo H
Julie Hartwell said…
I found this interesting and helpful. I loved reading about it.

Julie Hartwell
Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree with this article. Its like that saying "Dogs are man best friend," having a good pet is like having a good friend that you can vent to but not get opinion or advice but the comfort of it's bark.

Nas A.
Anonymous said…
I liked the blog, i agree that a dog can be a persons best friend but i am not a dog person nor an animal person. I couldnt dedicate myself to taking care of a dog. maybe when i get older but not anytime soon. :)

Michele F :)
Anonymous said…
I truly enjoyed your post :)

As a dog lover and owner of 4 precious and loving dogs I couldn't agree more with the benefits of having them !!
They truly are a blessing !!

Nathalia Alvarez
Anonymous said…
I had a dog, her name was minnie. Yes I am aggre with you. The benefits to had her in my life was a blessing.
Thank you for sharing your story,

Maria Marin

September 30, 2013 12:04
Anonymous said…
I totally agree. I myself having gone trough numerous tours of duty in the middle east with the Marine Corps as a machine gunner, I have benifited from owning a dog. After being diagnosed with P.T.S.D. I have personally seeing the difference in my own life.

Manny Luna
Anonymous said…
I am a dog lover.
I had a dog that it's name was (Duque)he was my companion for many years; someone killed him and my heart was broken.
Thank you,
Mario Marin
Anonymous said…
I agree with this article. Dogs are lovers to family, and I believe that is what they all need. If a dog dies or vice versa, one has emotion to the other. It can cause illness, depression, and emotions. I always wanted a dog, and one animal can change ones lives.
Anonymous said…
I agree with this article. Dogs are lovers to family, and I believe that is what they all need. If a dog dies or vice versa, one has emotion to the other. It can cause illness, depression, and emotions. I always wanted a dog, and one animal can change ones lives.

Sadalah Shehadi (forgot to put my name on the first one sorry)!
Anonymous said…
This article hits close to home. My dad also passed away and its almost been 3 years.
I agree that sometimes the things we don't want in life, turn out to be the best things for us. This is why God promises and gives us Romans 8:28...And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to his purpose. This is one of my favorite bible versus too.
PS: The MARY MARY video was perfect for this article...
Brenda W
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
I couldn't agree more with you about the reasons why we should not overuse sugar.

Thank you for the healthy alternative substitutions that you posted !!

Nathalia A.

Hao Pham said…
I can really relate to this post because I own 3 dogs. I have frequent interactions with them when I am at my sister's house. The reason why is because I bought these dogs for my niece and nephew. The dogs recognized me when I came over and wiggled their tails excitedly. I love them and they can do some tricks like sitting down, roll over, jump, and high five. They are really smart and adorable. One is a Jack Russell and the other is a Chihuahua. The Jack Russell's name is J.J. The Chihuahua name is Cutie. Their offspring's name is Lucky. They are well taken care of and have their own playground. I think dogs are great and comforting.
Diana Yanez said…
Hi Dr. D,
I am not a dog owner but I love pets. And completely agree with dogs relieving stress. My sister’s dogs are like mine. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night greeting them. I feel so much happier seeing their jumpy, cheery self in the mornings when I say hi. Complete boost of energy and joy I get from them, makes my morning and day start great.
Christine Tran said…
I absolutely agree with the 5 health benefits that dogs provide to us. I currently have 1 Pomeranian who just had his 6th birthday and he has been a huge support without even realizing it. He definitely provides me a sense of safety, even though he is tiny! Knowing that he is there for me helps me relieve stress as well. He comforts me, listens intently and never rudely interrupts either! :) I think the greatly lesson a dog can teach someone is the lesson on unconditional love! - Christine Tran
Anonymous said…
One thing my mom always did for exercise was walk. Growing up, we had to walk pretty much everywhere, resulting in me ultimately hating it. Lately though, I've been getting more into it, so I found your article pretty interesting.

-Jasmine Schnurpel
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed this post. I currently work at a gym and when I'm not working out there I certainty walk my dog. I know the importance exercise has and how it needs to be part of a daily routine.
- Janack Wong
Anonymous said…
My sister, who is a nurse, has three dogs and she treats them well. Dogs are therapeutic for humans. They protect us and loves us back.

L. R. Martinez
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your Biblical verses.

One of my favorites is Matthew 6:33.

L. R. Martinez
Anonymous said…
this was a great read. I have been thinking about getting a dog and after reading all the pro's of having one makes me want to get one real soon. I do believe they are extremely therapeutic and safety and great companion. They dont say its a mans best friend for no reason.
Anonymous said…
I agree with this completely. Dogs are always excellent companions to families. When a dog dies or the dogs owner dies their connection is usually lost. it stirs up a ton of emotions and can cause illness. i love my dog and hope he never dies!
-Rayna Dratch
Tai Tran said…
I do not own a dog now. After reading this inspirational post,I learn the benefits of having a dog that I have never think of before.I am especially interested in the health issues that dogs can bring to us. I wish I had a dog in a near future. Thank you for your interesting post.
Aya Z. said…
I truly agree with this article. Having a dog has a lot of benefits. I think it is a wonderful because I do not think dogs intend to bring healthy mind, relaxation, or motivation for exercising to dog owners. However, dog owners comes with many amazing gifts.
Also, this article reminds me about my old dog. She and my family spent 17 years with her, and we created many great memories together. She passed away a few months ago, and my mother was very sad about this. I think we might have a new dog because there are so many benefits to having a dog.
xuan nguyen said…
When I was a child, I really enjoy games that required me to active. I love riding a bike around my neighborhood with my neighbor friends. I love playing soccer and badminton with them even though we do not have play space. We used to play on the street and it was kind of dangerous. I remember after we play games, we are so tired but also so much fun. We felt in sleep so easy at night. I realize that kids who play around have a better health than those who just sit all day in front of TV or computers. Also, having a 30-minutes exercise helps me refresh my mind. Having a better health can helps us have more positive feelings, right?
Lisa Briceno said…
Your entire post in honor to your father was very inspiring. I'm sure he was a man of great conviction and knowledge and left you an awesome legacy.
You are a strong woman and I'm sure he sowed in much prayer for your success and your family and church family as well.
I can relate to you and your best friend, your dog. My puppy has literally been the first one to make me smile and have fun again. I do take her for walks and to the park, even when I'm not feeling well she motivates me to get out there and move. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. All of us your students really do admire your strength and the teachings you are imparting into our lives week in and week out. Like you said last night, "Life happens" and we need to build that resilient to get back up and continue with our heads up and pursuing our God given inner strength and abilities. Thank you for writing things that are relevant to our well being and always carrying yourself with your unique style and class! Again thank you for sharing about your dad and the joys of having your dog as he has been an instrument to comfort you and accompany you in your darkest hours. The best is yet to come!
Michelle M. Scott said…
I very much appreciate you sharing this post about your father, I find it very inspiring I am a dog lover however, currently do to living arrangements am unable to have a dog. I have always had one in the past and would always go on long walks and spend time with my dog. I found it very healthy and healthy for the mind. Once again thank you for sharing your blogs there all inspiring and greatly appreciated I have learned a great deal from you and you yourself are a very inspiring women. Thank you for all the knowledge you have instilled in me. God Bless
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with this post in regards to dogs improving human health. I am currently living in an apartment where I cannot have my dog so I left him staying at my parents house. Since my parents don't interact and play with him as much as I used to I try to stop by there almost everyday to take him for a walk which is beneficial to me in helping me get out and exercise as well. He is a harmless, out of shape, old pitbull but he does provide me with a sense of safety. Walking with him around the neighborhood even at night I always feel secure and safe. Also I really believe that having him as a pet is one of my biggest stress relievers. My favorite thing to do it cuddle with him. His sense of calmness and protectiveness makes me feel like I don't have to worry about anything when I'm with him. Aww I love him and now I'm missing him sitting in my apartment thinking about him!!

Felicia Trujillo
ghaalib green said…
I really never liked dogs due to the fact that I always looked at them as being dirty and useless animals. Reading this, have really opened my heart up a little bit for dogs. This, post really made me think more of them and that it is some use for them.
Anonymous said…
Dr. D!

I admire your strength! I couldn't agree more. Dogs are amazing and are a great source to lift our spirits. They are always happy to see us no matter what. They don't judge us. In fact, they love us unconditionally and I can see exactly what role Silky plays in your life. He is an earth angel. Thank you for being GREAT Dr. D! AS
Anonymous said…
I am a huge animal lover. Dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, etc. I grew up with dogs but as an adult have owned cats. I think the health benefits of pet ownership are unlimited. They provide companionship, love, entertainment and purpose. They teach kids responsibility and respect for animals and others. They are great companions for the elderly. They are indispensable to people with certain illnesses. I'm glad to see there are so many dog parks and people in them. I wish everyone could see the value in animals and treat them as they deserve. The more articles and blogs like this one, the more the good word gets out. Animals are truly the best and you are one of the enlightened people if you know it! Spread the word! A.L.
Aaron Phan said…
It's amazing how dramatically you can improve your health by simply walking for an hour a day. I personally have a good friend who was able to lose nearly 15 pounds just because his schedule had required him to walk and take the bus long distances. Everybody is capable of walking for 40 minutes a day, and many people would be encouraged to know that the simple exercise can prevent several cardiovascular diseases and help them lose weight.
Ali said…
This is a great post. You will be surprise how amazing walking makes you feel. I went from walking, to jogging, to running marathons, and I never felt better. Walking/Running changed my life. It helped me deal with stress better, and leaving all my problems on the pavement. Exercising changed my life for the better.
Anonymous said…
I agree with this article. Dogs are loyal friends and are a great source to lift our spirits. I think I should have a dog.
Thank you for sharing your story,

Dat D.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I really wished that my family would get a dog especially afther reading this, but my little sister kept bugging us on getting a cat
Anonymous said…
This was a great post. Sharing how Silky has helped with the process of grieving the loss of your parents is pretty powerful. Pets are definitely meant to be in our lives and will help us when least expected when it comes down to our feelings. As for the walking portion of your blog. I love it! At the beginning of the year my husband and I started walking. Being heavy and with a history of severe endometriosis, walking can be very painful at times. So, when I started walking for just 10 minutes, I wanted to pass out. It was hard but this time I was certain I did not want to quit. Even in the most painful days I would walk, slowly but I would walk. Eventually, those 10 minutes because 15, 20 and now we walk for about 45 minutes. It feels great. I have more energy. Thankfully, I have not been diagnosed with hypertension or diabetes but know that I am at risk for many reasons such as being overweight, the most common one. Thank you for sharing this. Walking has been the start of a journey that I don't want to end. I have two girls and I need to be healthy and live long for them. DPM
Quy Nguyen said…
This is very nice that I own two dogs. They are Lucky and Sumo. I remember I would take my dog out to walk and it was fun. The dog already knew what time I came home so right when they heard me they would come to the gate and start jumping on me.I loved how Dr.D included biblical scriptures and powerful sayings that really get you thinking.
When I am feeling down and , weary and I can barely lift myself off the couch, my dog comes to my rescue. They cuddles with me, then motivates me to get up, dressed, and out the door for a walk or some play time. Somehow my fur-baby even gets me to smile, no matter how miserable or stressed I feel.

I am not alone. It turns out that all pets, not just therapy pets, can help your mind, body, and spirit. I will also consider new ways to keep healthy myself; living a healthier lifestyle will allow me to live happy
Quy Nguyen said…
This is very nice that I own two dogs. They are Lucky and Sumo. I remember I would take my dog out to walk and it was fun. The dog already knew what time I came home so right when they heard me they would come to the gate and start jumping on me.I loved how Dr.D included biblical scriptures and powerful sayings that really get you thinking.
When I am feeling down and , weary and I can barely lift myself off the couch, my dog comes to my rescue. They cuddles with me, then motivates me to get up, dressed, and out the door for a walk or some play time. Somehow my fur-baby even gets me to smile, no matter how miserable or stressed I feel.

I am not alone. It turns out that all pets, not just therapy pets, can help your mind, body, and spirit. I will also consider new ways to keep healthy myself; living a healthier lifestyle will allow me to live happy
Anonymous said…
After reading this interseting post,I wish I have my own dog in a near future. I don't know that there are many benefits of having a dog, especialy in the health issues. It’s great to know that dogs can reduce our stress and increase our happiness. They help us feel more calm and relaxed.
Nhu Nguyen
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the discussion on this topic.
Anonymous said…
It’s always hard to lose a pet but as a pet owner that is what we all will eventually have to face. I think it would be a good idea for us to move on and getting another one will cheer us up. Because, having faith that whatever happens experience in life for a good reason and try to avoiding things that makes us emotional is very important and nice move. That way we can see the best out of it when we accept the change. Because, sometimes the things we don’t want in life, turns out to be the best things for us.
Joanne Pham said…
I agree with this article. I walking the the beach, outside around my area. Or the park. Thank you for your sharing.

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